Alex Kipman

A Bellevue-based inhabitant of Washington State who works in technology, invention, and innovation.



Alex Kipman has a solid educational foundation, supported by both impressive academic qualifications and priceless life experiences. He was able to study from some of the greatest and brightest while attending some of the top universities in the world. Working with some of the best brains in the industry allowed him to understand what it really meant to recognize problems and find innovative solutions to them. After experiencing firsthand what it was like to work on a project that no one else knew about, he decided he wanted that experience for himself. He made the conscious decision to devote his life to bettering and transforming human experiences.

Kipman attended the Rochester Institute of Technology despite being a Brazilian native. His degree in software engineering was earned in 2001. His excitement with the potential of technology dates back to his early years, he said. His parents purchased him a total of three Atari 2600s when he was a kid, and he destroyed the first two of them while trying to figure out how the enchanted gaming technology functioned. The moment he realized this, he decided it was what he wanted to pursue with his life.